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General election 2019: Lib Dems and SNP in court over TV debate exclusion

18 Nov 2019 09:34

The Lib Dems and SNP say it is unfair to be excluded from Tuesday's ITV general election leaders debate.

General election 2019: When will TV debates take place?

18 Nov 2019 09:32

The first UK TV debates between party leaders took place in 2010.

Ballynahinch: Attempted ATM theft at petrol station

18 Nov 2019 09:10

Part of the Belfast Road is closed as police deal with the incident at Carlisles' petrol station.

General election 2019: Leaders woo business with tax and apprenticeship vows

18 Nov 2019 08:41

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson are all set to make speeches to UK business leaders.

NHS staff shortages put 'cancer survival rates at risk'

18 Nov 2019 08:36

A Holyrood committee finds 18% of cancer patients in June were not seen within the six-week target.

Cat owner 'disgusted' at dog owner's sentence

18 Nov 2019 07:27

Gary Truefitt has been unable to find his cat's body after Amos Price encouraged his dog to kill it.

Prince Andrew stands by 'car-crash' Jeffrey Epstein BBC interview

18 Nov 2019 07:21

People close to him say he addressed his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein "head-on".

'Power of attorney more important than will', says widow

18 Nov 2019 06:01

Bradley Visser had left clear instructions to his wife in the event of severe brain damage.

International Criminal Court may investigate UK 'war crimes cover-up'

18 Nov 2019 05:58

Evidence of a cover up revealed by the BBC could lead to the ICC's first inquiry into the UK military.

Newspaper headlines: 'Regret' and 'success' over Andrew's interview

18 Nov 2019 05:38

Prince Andrew's TV interview with the BBC once again dominates many of the newspapers.

General Election 2019: The bar chart war in one battleground constituency

18 Nov 2019 02:20

A small poll in Hastings kicked off a huge debate - online and off.

Why more people are talking about the issue of social care

18 Nov 2019 02:19

Social care pledges will be under intense scrutiny during the election, but why is it so important?

General Election 2019: Ex-MPs talk about abuse and mental health

18 Nov 2019 00:57

Two politicians reflect on the impact public abuse has on their mental health.

Birmingham revenge porn victim had strangers arrive at home

18 Nov 2019 00:53

A woman's partner posted naked pictures of her and shared their address with men online.

The fight to get citizenship for descendants of German Jews

18 Nov 2019 00:51

A UK lawyer says Germany is violating its constitution by denying citizenship to some descendants of Nazi victims.

'I've spent my life in fear of being called fat'

18 Nov 2019 00:46

Megan Jayne Crabbe was five when she started a war with her weight - now she's a body positive Instagram activist.

Huge Flow Country wildfire 'doubled Scotland's emissions'

18 Nov 2019 00:27

The massive fire in the Flow Country in May doubled Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions while it burnt.

GCSEs: Qualifications Wales urges exams to be kept in reforms

18 Nov 2019 00:14

The exams should be kept, says a watchdog, as the school curriculum in Wales heads for major reforms.

How two students spotted the Bolton fire and raised the alarm

17 Nov 2019 22:38

Leah Mckee-Hearne and Courtney Peaker rushed through the building shouting and banging on doors.

England at Euro 2020: What do we know about Three Lions' prospects?

17 Nov 2019 22:37

England seal their place as Euro 2020 top seeds with a win over Kosovo - but what do we know about what they can expect next summer?

Missing Leah Croucher's brother Haydon dies

17 Nov 2019 21:45

Their father confirms the death of Haydon Croucher in an emotional post on Facebook.

Panorama Investigation: War crimes scandal exposed

17 Nov 2019 19:23

British Special Forces have been accused of covering up the killings of four young Afghans in 2012.

Lisnaskea: Girl, 13, stabbed 'protecting 11-month-old nephew'

17 Nov 2019 17:07

The teenager has been hailed a "hero" by her family after the attack in County Fermanagh.

Terry O'Neill: British photographer to the stars dies aged 81

17 Nov 2019 16:58

He took some of the first photographs of The Beatles, and his death is described as the "end of an era".

Prince Andrew BBC interview: Six things we learned

17 Nov 2019 16:29

The Duke of York's unprecedented Newsnight interview contained several revelations.

Bolton flats blaze: Students to be re-housed as £10,000 raised

17 Nov 2019 16:23

Students evacuated from flats hit by a major blaze in Bolton will be re-housed as £10,000 is raised.

Sir Chris Hoy and his wife reveal tiny nappies for premature babies

17 Nov 2019 16:19

Sir Chris and Lady Sarra Hoy's son, Callum, was born 11 weeks early, in 2014.

General Election 2019: Raab on discouraging 'cheap labour' from abroad

17 Nov 2019 11:33

The foreign secretary says that the government is committed to reducing immigration, and wants to discourage "cheap labour from abroad".

General election 2019: Corbyn defends benefits of immigration

17 Nov 2019 11:22

The Labour leader says there will be a "great deal" of freedom of movement after the UK leaves the EU.

The growing importance of the night-time economy

17 Nov 2019 01:47

The UK's night-time economy is now said to be the UK's fifth-biggest industry with annual revenues of £66bn.

General election 2019: What to look out for on LGBT issues

17 Nov 2019 01:35

Care about LGBT equality? Here's what to look out for in this election.

The woman who said Jesus would return - to Bedford

17 Nov 2019 00:54

Mabel Barltrop's followers believed she was the daughter of God and that an English town would be the location of the Second Coming.

Simon Smith: Mum recalls baby's murder 25 years on

17 Nov 2019 00:40

Rachel Playfair describes how triple baby killer Simon Smith murdered their daughter 25 years ago.

Prince Andrew interview: 'Little apology or remorse'

16 Nov 2019 21:59

The Duke of York does not regret Epstein friendship, writes BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond.

Delivering on tree promises 'no easy task'

16 Nov 2019 14:34

Trees are the latest green battleground in the election campaign, writes BBC Science editor David Shukman.

General election 2019: What happened last week?

16 Nov 2019 09:15

From Labour's working hours confusion to the prime minister's frosty reception in Yorkshire.

Christmas adverts - do they really work?

15 Nov 2019 22:02

Big budget ads are already gracing our screens but do they actually benefit the big brands behind them?

General election 2019: A simple guide to the Labour Party

14 Nov 2019 09:48

A profile of the Labour Party, what it stands for and what its policies are.

Who should I vote for? General election 2019 policy guide

13 Nov 2019 11:17

Compare where the parties stand on key issues, from Brexit and the NHS to education and the environment.

General election 2019: What questions do you have?

6 Nov 2019 08:39

What do you want to know about polling, policies (or anything else) ahead of the 2019 general election?

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