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Coronavirus: Exercise out of the home 'could be banned' if people flout rules

5 Apr 2020 13:45

The health secretary warns people must "follow the rules" on staying at home and social distancing.

Coronavirus: Key workers 'overlooked and underpaid', says Starmer

5 Apr 2020 13:24

The new Labour leader says the wealthy will have to pay more after the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus: Seven more Covid-19 linked deaths in NI

5 Apr 2020 13:05

It brings the total death toll to 63, while 8,486 people have now been tested for Covid-19.

Coronavirus: Lord Bath dies after contracting Covid-19

5 Apr 2020 12:49

Lord Bath - the 7th Marquess of Bath - died on Saturday, it was announced by Longleat on Twitter.

Police warning over medical chief's second home visit

5 Apr 2020 12:42

Scotland's chief medical officer has apologised for going to her second home during the lockdown.

Coronavirus: ExCel U-turns on charging NHS for hospital site

5 Apr 2020 12:36

The owner of the centre will now cover costs for the NHS Nightingale Hospital.

Man shot dead in north Belfast was Dublin criminal

5 Apr 2020 12:36

Four men are in custody in connection with the murder of Robbie Lawlor who was killed on Saturday.

Coronavirus: Queen to urge 'self-discipline and resolve'

5 Apr 2020 12:19

The Queen will also thank NHS workers in a speech to the nation on Sunday, Buckingham Palace says.

Coronavirus: Labour leader Keir Starmer says 'scrutiny is important'

5 Apr 2020 11:26

Sir Keir Starmer says the government still needs to be asked 'difficult questions' in the fight against coronavirus.

Watford Hospital: Nursing assistant dies after helping virus patients

5 Apr 2020 10:30

John Alagos, 24, became ill after working at Watford General Hospital in Hertfordshire.

Coronavirus: Tech firms summoned over 'crackpot' 5G conspiracies

5 Apr 2020 09:54

Government will tell social media firms to take down posts more quickly after attacks on masts.

Lockdown: How are our pets coping with us?

5 Apr 2020 06:50

We rely on our pets to be there for us, but now we are with them all the time... how are they coping?

Poetry power: BBC correspondents read their favourites

5 Apr 2020 06:06

Listen to some BBC correspondents sharing the poems that have helped them through difficult times.

Coronavirus: Closed visitor gardens create virtual tours

5 Apr 2020 00:12

People who are at home can still get a glimpse of garden attractions even though they are closed.

Coronavirus: Bedford Photographer captures 'life through windows'

4 Apr 2020 23:47

Chiara Mac Call says she "waves at people" from a safe distance and takes their photo.

Coronavirus: Sophie Raworth's deserted London

4 Apr 2020 23:35

BBC presenter's photographs of deserted streets as she runs to work in central London.

Coronavirus: 'I missed out on furlough payments by a day'

4 Apr 2020 23:32

Thousands of people who started new jobs are not eligible for the government's 80% wage grant.

Coronavirus: ‘I’m digging graves for people who are still living’

4 Apr 2020 23:05

As local councils prepare for coronavirus deaths, a gravedigger in Cornwall has been asked by his local parish to dig extra graves.

Coronavirus: How a church sings when the choir can't meet

4 Apr 2020 23:02

One church has found a way to create the musical experience of a service despite the coronavirus restrictions.

Coronavirus: 'We're on our knees' says nurse

4 Apr 2020 18:14

A nurse posted a video to a Facebook group after a long and difficult shift in ICU amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Market Harborough man home after virus fight

4 Apr 2020 16:55

Hylton Murray-Philipson goes home after 12 days in hospital battling the virus.

Who is deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner?

4 Apr 2020 10:42

Labour's new deputy leader became an MP in 2015 and now holds one of the party's key roles.

Keir Starmer: What you need to know about the new Labour leader

4 Apr 2020 10:10

We profile the new Labour leader who hopes to unite supporters of both Corbyn and Blair.

Coronavirus: Can the UK do 100,000 tests a day?

4 Apr 2020 08:03

The government has pledged to increase daily testing tenfold by the end of the month.

Coronavirus: Skomer man self-isolates on island with just five people

4 Apr 2020 00:56

A warden on a island famed for its seabirds picked up a cough during his off-season mainland break.

Coronavirus: Moving back in with the parents

4 Apr 2020 00:09

For some families the outbreak has meant different generations are back living under the same roof.

Coronavirus: How to grieve a loved one when you can't say goodbye

4 Apr 2020 00:07

Coronavirus means you often can't be at the side of a loved one in hospital or attend their funeral.

The climber who bagged all 282 Munros in one winter

3 Apr 2020 23:40

Kevin Woods battled through storms to complete all of Scotland's Munros in one winter season.

Coronavirus: New supermarket workers share their stories

3 Apr 2020 23:11

New workers hired by supermarkets amid the Covid-19 pandemic share their surprising back stories.

Coronavirus: What does it mean if I've been furloughed by work?

3 Apr 2020 16:24

Millions unable to do their job due to coronavirus will have their wages paid by a new scheme.

Coronavirus: How NHS Nightingale was built in just nine days

3 Apr 2020 11:52

How London's ExCel centre was transformed into a hospital to treat coronavirus patients.

The Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson shows her characters social distancing

3 Apr 2020 09:41

Julia Donaldson and illustrator Alex Sheffler help children understand the regulations in new images.

Coronavirus: Brighton Pride 2020 cancelled

3 Apr 2020 08:01

Mariah Carey and the Pussycat Dolls were due to headline, marking the festival's 30th anniversary.

Coronavirus doctor's diary: Making rapid life-and-death decisions

3 Apr 2020 01:07

Covid-19 cases have been filling wards at Bradford Royal Infirmary, and leaving staff with tough decisions to make.

Conifer is top tree in urban sound absorption test

3 Apr 2020 00:38

Scientists say trees have a role to play in combating noise pollution in urban environments.

Coronavirus and money: What if I can't pay my bills?

2 Apr 2020 23:42

Social distancing is leading people to worry about money. Here's some advice on paying your bills.

Coronavirus: Will jugglers and clowns harvest fruit and vegetables?

2 Apr 2020 14:39

The UK is facing a shortage of fruit and vegetable pickers as harvest time nears.

Coronavirus: Are we getting closer to a vaccine or drug?

2 Apr 2020 12:04

We answer some of the big questions about vaccines and how long one for coronavirus could take.

Coronavirus: How will it change national security and spying?

2 Apr 2020 00:32

The pandemic has raised questions about whether global health should be a more central part of national security.

Recovering from coronavirus: Three harrowing stories of surviving Covid-19

2 Apr 2020 00:28

We have spoken to three people who were hospitalised after contracting coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Meet the ex-NHS staff who are returning to work

2 Apr 2020 00:27

Thousands of ex-NHS staff have returned to work to help fight coronavirus after a government appeal.

Coronavirus: Should the UK use drones to disinfect public spaces?

1 Apr 2020 23:51

A group is calling for a change in regulation so drones can spray disinfectant in public places

Birth in a pandemic: 'You are stronger than you think'

31 Mar 2020 23:09

Coronavirus is throwing many birth plans up in the air and leading some health trusts to increase home births.

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