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Tricks of the trade

19 Oct 2017 01:05

The author gives his tricks of the trade to the BBC ahead of the publication of La Belle Sauvage.

Brexit: May offers more assurances to EU nationals

19 Oct 2017 01:00

Ahead of a key summit, Theresa May vows to make it as easy as possible for them to stay in the UK.

'Steep rise' in self-harm among teenage girls

19 Oct 2017 00:17

Researchers say it is likely the increase is real and not just down to better awareness from GPs.

Hundreds of families block organ donation

19 Oct 2017 00:08

Legally, consent lies with the deceased, but in practice, relatives' wishes are always respected.

Reality Check

19 Oct 2017 00:03

After five rounds of talks, both sides are making competing claims about progress. How much has really been made?

Stonehenge builders 'ate food from Scotland'

18 Oct 2017 23:50

Animals were transported from as far away as the north east of Scotland to the Neolithic site in Wiltshire.

Scots haggis exports to Canada to resume after 46 years

18 Oct 2017 23:49

Haggis is to be exported from Scotland to Canada for the first time in 46 years thanks to a new recipe.

'Death Island'

18 Oct 2017 23:46

British soldiers opened the first concentration camp in Russia in 1918, during World War One. To locals it was known as "Death Island".

Birstall family prepares for Diwali celebrations

18 Oct 2017 23:42

Priti Raichura and seven-year-old daughter Sia, from Leicester, take the BBC through their Diwali preparations.

Single-sex English classes introduced at Southampton school

18 Oct 2017 23:42

Boys and girls preparing for their English GCSE have been separated in a bid to improve results.

Mother calls for independent inquiry into child's injuries

18 Oct 2017 23:38

A mother calls for an independent investigation into her son's care at a special needs school in east London.

The 'silent raid'

18 Oct 2017 23:37

The final raid by a German Zeppelin on London during WW1 killed seven siblings and 25 others.

Codebreaker quiz

18 Oct 2017 23:35

As a Bletchley Park book of brainteasers is released, test your knowledge of the home of WW2 codebreakers.

Newspaper headlines: FA chiefs 'urged to resign' and PM pledge

18 Oct 2017 23:06

Questions over the future of the FA's bosses and Theresa May's promise to let EU nationals stay feature on the front pages.

One in four people 'trapped in low-paid jobs'

18 Oct 2017 23:05

The Social Mobility Commission says low pay is "endemic" in the UK.

UK banks exposed to money laundering in South Africa

18 Oct 2017 23:05

Lord Peter Hain says the banks "maybe inadvertently have been conduits for the corrupt proceeds of money".

His Dark Materials has an 'equel' - La Belle Sauvage

18 Oct 2017 21:51

17 years after His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman reads from La Belle Sauvage: The Book Of Dust Volume One.

Big Ben will chime again in November but may be inaccurate

18 Oct 2017 21:34

The chimes will be the first since August when they stopped to allow repairs to the Elizabeth Tower.

Ex-England captain Terry Butcher 'devastated' by son's death

18 Oct 2017 21:28

Terry Butcher said his son Christopher's life had been "tragically cut short".

Chippenham explosion leaves man with serious burns

18 Oct 2017 21:00

The cause of the blast at a property in Chippenham is not yet known.

Mark Sampson: FA sorry over race remarks to Eniola Aluko & Drew Spence

18 Oct 2017 20:17

The FA apologises to two players for racially discriminatory remarks made by sacked England's women's boss Mark Sampson.

FA chief's request 'bordering on blackmail'

18 Oct 2017 16:46

Footballer Eni Aluko tells a parliamentary inquiry that a request from the FA's chief executive was "bordering on blackmail".

Anna Raeburn: I had a backstreet abortion

18 Oct 2017 15:05

Writer and broadcaster Anna Raeburn had an illegal abortion in 1965 when she was 21.

'Rare' North Sea shark sighting off the Norfolk coast

18 Oct 2017 14:24

Basking sharks prefer Britain's western waters and are not usually found off the east coast.

'Excalibur' sword in stone stolen from Brecon Beacons

18 Oct 2017 11:17

The King Arthur-inspired tourist attraction at Llangorse was found with its sword missing.

Meet "Grandma" - the 110-year-old with an infectious laugh

18 Oct 2017 11:10

Amy Johnson - known as "Grandma" - has celebrated her 110th birthday.

Teenage estate agent who has made millions

18 Oct 2017 07:58

Akshay Ruparelia set up his business from his bedroom during his A-level exams.

Awkward and invasive

18 Oct 2017 04:28

Frank McGowan was sexually attacked by Cheryl Cottrell at a party in Glasgow. He's now speaking out to help others.

Family reunited

18 Oct 2017 00:02

When Archie was taken into care, the Family Drug and Alcohol Court sought to reunite him with his father.

Real deal?

17 Oct 2017 23:47

Paul Stephenson has used exactly the same methods and materials - so can they be called Warhols?

Battle for shoppers

17 Oct 2017 23:18

As supermarkets fight tooth and claw for our custom how widely do discounters appeal to the better off?

'Remarkable' pioneer

17 Oct 2017 23:07

The University of Oxford pays tribute to its first black student Christian Cole.

NHS Tracker

17 Oct 2017 11:48

Use our tracker to check whether your local services are meeting strict waiting-time targets for cancer, routine operations and A&E.

Caught on camera

17 Oct 2017 11:11

After 33 years on our screens, the BBC programme helped solve numerous police investigations.

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15 Sep 2017 09:16

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