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Offshore Radio Day 14 August 2017

To mark the 50th aniversary of the introduction of the Marine Broadcasting offences bill at midnight on 14 August 1967 which closed down all but one offshore radio station, Radio Telstar is proud to present a full day of terrific shows, many will be broadcast in real time to capture the atmosphere of that historic day in radio history.

Programs marked (T) are broadcast in near real time

Continuity announcements by Tony Currie

Sunday 13 August 2017

11pm  The Tony Currie Offshore Radio Show

Monday 14 August 2017

00:00   The Perfume Garden on Big L with John Peel (T)

05:35   The Big L Breakfast show with Chuck Blair (T)

09:00   The Pete Drummond Show on Big L (T)

12:00   The Jerry King show on Caroline (T)

14:00   Radio London - The Final Hour

15:15   Ross Brown on Caroline South (T)

16:00   The last Radio Scotland 242 Top 50 recreated and presented by Tony Currie

18:00   A Comet's Tale - the story of Radio Scotland

19:00   The Radio London Story presented by Alister Wheeldon

20:00   The 242 Clan...... 50 years on presented by Tony Currie

21:00 The Johnny Walker Show on Caroline (T)

22:00   Tony Alan & Mark West on Radio Scotland 242

23:00   Radio Scotland 242 - The Final Hour (T)

Tuesday 15 August 2017

24:00   Johnny Walker & Robbie Dale on Caroline - A new phase in Caroline's history (T)


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